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Du 24 au 28 octobre, nous avons organisé un stage PeekabooK en anglais. 
Le thème de la semaine était Les arbres & les feuilles. 
Voici quelques images pour illustrer notre voyage.
Pendant la semaine, toutes nos explorations ont pris pour point de départ une sélection de livres des Trois Ourses et quelques extras de notre propre collection...
Nous n'avons cessé de faire des allers-retours entre l'espace de création et d'exploration et la bibliothèque. 

From October 24th-28th, we organized a PeekabooK workshop in English.
The theme of the week was Trees & Leaves. 
Here are a few pictures to illustrate our journey.
During the week, all our explorations were based on a selection of books from Les Trois Ourses, and a few of our personal collection.
We were constantly going back and forth from the library. 
Les enfants expérimentent comment devenir arbre avec leurs corps.
Children explore how their bodies can become trees.
L'ombre du corps devient arbre.
The shadow of the body becomes a tree.
Chacun ajoute des éléments à son arbre au fil de la semaine et des explorations et découvertes.
Children add on to their tree as the week goes by and the explorations and discoveries accumulate.
Les explorations ont eu lieu dans l'atelier, dans les livres, dans la rue et au parc.
Explorations took place in the studio, in books, in the street and at the park.

Les livres de la bibliothèque PeekabooK pendant la semaine...
Book selection of the week...

Stage PeekabooK en anglais pendant les vacances

Du lundi 24 au vendredi 28 Octobre Peekaboo! propose une semaine d'ateliers autour des livres des Troises Ourses, en anglais. Le stage est ouvert aux 4 à 11 ans. Le groupe sera limité à 12 participants. 

Le stage aura lieu aux Trois Ourses, 2 passage Rauch. 75011. Paris.

Prix de la semaine: 285 euros (adhésion et frais de dossier inclus)


Peekaboo! is offering a weeklong workshop from Monday Oct 24th to Friday Oct 28th around books of the Trois Ourses, in english. The workshop is open to 4 to 11 year olds. The group will be limited to 12 participants.

The workshop will be held at the Trois Ourses, 2 passage Rauch. 75011. Paris.
Fee for the week: 285 euros (including membership and registration fees)


1er Octobre 2011

Premiers ateliers PeekabooK 
La Rencontre

First PeekabooK workshops 

Activities were crafted to give children the time to create, play out, and experience two books from the Trois Ourses Collection. Students giggled as colored shapes met up in the folding books One for Many by Katsumi Komagata. The participants invented shapes that met up on their own bodies, on the table, and on the walls of La Petite Ecole. Then children explored the meeting of two different characters in the book Yo! Yes? by Chris Raschka. The activity time flew by, and as caretakers knocked on the door to collect their children, one child smiled and said, “Already!?’ 
The PeekabooK workshops continue with all new meetings starting this Wednesday. Hope to see you there!

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